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No. 2 Almond Oil Artisan Soap Bars

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  • Oatmeal Vanilla: a creamy scent of both warm oatmeal and delicious vanilla. This makes for the perfect bar for any occasion. This cream bar has swirls of dark greyish-blue mixed throughout the bar and is topped with dried safflower petals for a pop of color! I love using this bar in the shower as it leaves you soft and warm, perfect for winter and transitioning into the spring months!
  • SUD MUFFIN! This is a manly man’s soap bar! It is sandalwood and orange scents blended with oats for a perfect exfoliant! Have you tried Dr. Squatch Pine Tar?! This TOPS THAT! Give it a go!


      • Our fun and fitting GIRL MOM SOAP is a WHITE TEA + JASMINE soap bar is a very soft pink with cream swirl and topped with dried jasmine flower & other dried flowers for a beautiful pop. They are artisan handcrafted and always made in small batches, but this one is especially soft with it's goat's milk elements. Ingredients: cold pressed almond oil, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), fragrance oil , goat's milk, mica powder, dried heather & jasmine flowers

      All soaps bars are made in small batches, naturally made by an artisan soap maker using cold process, vegan, palm free, plant based & zero waste!