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About the Founder: 

As a Mother of 3 and a full time Entrepreneur, I take pride in our products and love sharing them with all of you. We use only natural products that come from Farmers that are good stewards of the land. I believe in full circle businesses so we try to use recyclable materials and practices in all facets of our business - we aren’t perfect but strive every day to be better for our customers and the planet. Thank you for your support and we hope our company can help enrich your life. - Tara Tickenoff, Founder

California produces the best almond in the world, and while almonds are fantastic as a snack and food item - the fact that Almonds are nearly 50% oil allows us to use the vital nutrients on our skin.  Crafted in the Central Valley of California, the heart of Almond country - we are proud to provide a Cold Pressed Almond Oil, made with 100% California Grown Almonds, from sustainable ranches and as fresh as they come.