About Us


As a Mother of 4 and a full time Entrepreneur, I take pride in our products and love sharing them with all of you. We use only natural products that come from Farmers right here in CA, that are good stewards of the land. I believe in full circle businesses so we try to use recyclable materials and practices in all facets of our business - we aren’t perfect but strive every day to be better for our customers and the planet. Thank you for your support and we hope our company can help you glow a little. - Tara Tickenoff, Founder


California produces the best almond in the world, and while almonds are fantastic as a snack and food item - the fact that Almonds are nearly 50% oil allows us to use the vital nutrients on our skin.  Crafted in the Central Valley of California, the heart of Almond country - we are proud to provide a Cold- Pressed Almond Oil, made with 100% California Grown Almonds, from sustainable ranches and as fresh as they come.

Meet the Founder: 

Hi, my name is Tara Tickenoff! I am 31 years old and born and raised in Turlock, CA aka the Central Valley (Ag Land), home of the almonds! Some of you know me well, and some of you don’t know me at all, so thank you for taking a few minutes to learn a little bit about the face behind “Bloom & Butter”.

First and foremost, I’m a DAUGHTER of Christ! My faith is my daily driving factor, what keeps me going on the good days + the bad days and what reminds me of ALL that we have. I give all the Glory to God.

I’m a WIFEY! My husband and I have been married for 4 years. Tommy is also known as "the almond oil guy". You may recognize him as the face behind Fresh Vintage Farms.

I’m a MAMA + a BONUS MAMA! We have 4 kiddos! They are life’s greatest BLESSINGS & one of my best accomplishments. My life wouldn’t be filled with the joy it is if it weren’t for my kiddos. They’re my WHY!

I have always loved SKINCARE & products, have encouraged others to take great care of their skin & to be NATURAL and let your beauty shine! I’m not a big makeup wearer and never have been and thankfully by taking great care of my skin I am able to now say what has worked well for me and now I’m sharing that with YOU!