What do I use the No. 1 oil for?

Everything! We almost named our product the “everything oil” as it truly is used for everything from your face, to body to hair. It’s vitamin rich properties make it perfect to use to cleanse or moisturize, to moisturize dry skin or as an anti-stretch Mark serum to putting a small amount on the ends of your hair to prevent split ends. It’s a natural product that will leave your skin or hair rejuvenated but not greasy.

Can I use the oil on my face?

Absolutely! We use it on our face every morning and every night. My husband uses it everyday as well and loves that it has no scent. It has an SPF of 5-6 so it’s perfect to put on before your makeup or by itself. It’s lightweight, non greasy and fast absorbing so it won’t clog your pores or leave you looking shiny, but glowing!

 What does the oil smell like?

It has no scent! It is mild, soft & buttery with no scent which makes it perfect for use on its own or mixed with other moisturizers, lotions or essentials oils! 




Is the oil greasy? Will it make me break out?

It is non greasy and fast absorbing leaving your skin soft and glowing, not greasy or shiny and without breakouts. It’s vitamin properties cleanse pores rather than clogging them. It also assists in production of collagen!

Can you use the soap bars to wash your face or is it for hands and body only?

Our soap bars contain fragrance oils as well as essential oils therefore they are not safe to use on your face. We recommend using them for washing your hands and body only. We plan on making a face bar soon though!

What does “cold pressed” mean?

Our almond oil is “cold pressed” - making it very different from refined or expeller pressed almond oil. For starters - we use whole, fresh California Almonds as opposed to other brands that utilize rancid almonds, past their prime. Cold pressed is generally 140 degrees as opposed to expellers that cook the oil out at 500 degrees, destroying the nutrient properties. Because of this, the expeller pressed oil lacks the very benefits we want in this natural oil, so Cold pressed is always the way to go!

What are the flowers in the oil bottles?

The flowers you see in the oil are handpicked almond blossoms from almond blossom 2021 in the Central Valley, CA! We added a few petals to each bottle for that extra special touch!

Almonds are inherently 48% oil - FYI